Innovation Research in Services IRIS

About IRIS

Innovation Research in Services (IRIS) is a multidisciplinary group that conducts research in service innovation and service management fields. The group integrates academic and practical interests in its research: it contributes to the development of service management and service innovation theories by combining insights from different scientific fields and from in-depth empirical studies. It also aims at translating this knowledge into models that are applicable for service practitioners. These goals are implemented in research projects that are conducted in close collaboration with case organisations and academic partners.


Multidisciplinarity is an important feature of IRIS; the researchers have backgrounds in engineering, marketing, leadership, economics, and educational sciences. Currently the majority of the researchers work on their Ph.D.’s, guided by Aalto University’s professors in the fields of work psychology, project business, product development, and operations management. Utilising these various sources in the research projects, the group is able to examine service innovations with wide theoretical lenses. Multidisciplinarity also creates an ability to identify and study emerging trends in service organisations fast.

History and partners

IRIS was established in the beginning of 2011. The group was formerly a part of Innovation Management Institute (IMI), where the roots for service innovation research were created in 2003 and developed into strong expertise field over the years.

Currently IRIS works in collaboration with IMI and many other research groups in Aalto University, as well as other Finnish and international research partners. Important Finnish research partners are VTT, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Tampere University of Technology, Hanken and the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Helsinki. Important international collaborators are Roskilde University and University of Cambridge.

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